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Games are business. That’s the way we were taught to take them seriously. Games are objectives and challenges. Games are a job. Games are a showcase of technology, and in that, the ability of money to put together impressive works of sheer size. If something does well, it does well. We are told to look at these metrics in our own deepest selves. Our experience is directly impacted by how profitable the work was, in one way or an other. It's a shame Gunstar Heroes didn't become a franchise. Fortnite is so big.

I love reading about games, sometimes more than I like playing them. I love learning new perspectives, histories, informations. I also kind of like being ignorant. I like playing in isolation. I like taking on a work with no context of why or how it works, or what it wants to be. I think we can learn a lot from this perspective. This doesn't mean drop your ideology at the door, drop your feelings, or convictions, but try to let the work communicate with you.

I want a space to write about my medium as I felt it. I don't want to bullshit this. I don't want to be too nice or too harsh, but at the end of the day what I write is what I write.

I've known Nick for a long time. He's taught me a lot. He's treated me seriously enough to actually see myself as someone who is academic, who is analytical, who is creative etc. He's pretty capable of whatever he wants to do. I think that's partially because he's always been a facilitator. When we were 10 or 11 years old, he'd create little MOGs on the defunct service BYOND. He was interested in creating little communities with friends, more than anything. He's had this ability to just go out and do the things he wants to do because he's smart and serious. I appreciate the hell out of that. 

We're going to be using this website to talk about all sorts of things. For me, this is partially just a blog to be honest. I'm a writer hoping to get his name out. A blog is helpful for that, or so I've read on blogs. 

I also think we're pretty good. Nick is a biochemist by trade, but he's always been a writer as well, whatever he says. We're also both artists of sort. We're both political thinkers. We both are interested in history. I think we both like reading contemporary writing on the cultural moment. I really do think that games writing is one of the places where that is happening right now. I don't know if I can survive in that world, but for now I really want to spend some time in that space. 

I don't fully understand what Nick will write. He tends to write stuff that just nearly goes for your head. Look out for it though, and he gives you space. It's compassionate.

I also hope to use this space to host thoughts from people who I'm interested in. I'm a bit of a journalist by trade, and I'd love to make interviews happen with people I admire. I'd love to cede space to marginalized people as well. 

I'm not going to say games are exceptional even, but they're something we both have worked in extensively. They are the emergent art form of this century. Sometimes they are good, even great. 

No More Games is predicated partially on getting a cool web address, but it's also a mission that at its core we try to write authentically from experience. For me, that's acknowledging the literal and figurative side of the medium. There is no such think as a "wonky" control system or a "robust" menu. The experience is a sum of disconnected and connected forces, thoughts, ideas, feelings. No More Games doesn't mean casting away art history or games history or literature criticism. It's just an acknowledgement of all that, and of our own unawareness, our own isolation, our own confusion, our own existence within and without these paradigms. 

It's also just a blog. But hey, welcome to the blog! 

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